What is the CRDP?

The COVID-19 Rapid De-Stress Protocol (CRDP) is a medical acupuncture treatment based specifically on our current understanding of the neuro-physiology of stress and of PTSI (post traumatic stress injury).  The protocol draws on the military experience with 'battlefield acupuncture' and the use of ear needles to influence the specific areas of the brain and nervous system which are impacted by extraordinary stress.  

Specific benefits of this treatment protocol include decreased sympathetic nervous system tone, a marked improvement in sleep, and a decrease in agitation and anxiety due to its calming effect. 

If you are trained in the use of percutaneous procedures, you can readily learn to administer the CRDP.  We have tried very hard to create a clear and comprehensive educational program to teach this treatment protocol.    Its specific intention is to provide a tool for use by healthcare workers, for healthcare workers. 

Why Learn the CRDP?


Every day we see more evidence of the extraordinary stress that our colleagues and co-workers on the front lines are experiencing as they care for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are seeing more and more evidence of the damage to their mental and emotional health during this unprecedented time.  As the term 'front line' implies, the psycho-emotional trauma is analagous to that experienced by soldiers in combat, particularly over prolonged periods.  


The mental and emotional trauma in this case, may be more insidious and more all encompassing in its impact.   The personal isolation from physical contact, risks of endangering family members and friends, lack of adequate hospital equipment and PPE, and watching patients die alone, are unique to the COVID-19 'war'.    

Conventional treatment approaches to 'PTSD' rely on pharmacology, talk therapy, and behavioral modification therapy.  Although these therapies can be useful for some, they are only somewhat more successful than placebo for this kind of emotional trauma, and poorly suited to front line application in the current crisis.  

The CRDP can be performed rapidly, on site, individually or in groups.  It doesn't require the recipient to discuss their thoughts, feelings, memories, or dreams.  We have been using  this treatment protocol in our work with wounded warriors and with military veterans for more than a decade, as well as in our private medical practices.  We know it works!

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