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We will begin this course by discussing the extraordinary stress frontline healthcare workers are experiencing and the impact this has on their mental health and well being, now and in the future.  Then you will be introduced to the COVID-19 Rapid De-Stress Protocol (CRDP) and how it evolved.  This will be followed by a discussion of the evidentiary basis for the treatment, the neurophysiology of severe stress, and the pathological changes in brain processing and behavior which ensue.  

In the next section, we teach auricular anatomy and the points and zones on the ear which correspond to relevant brain structures.  You will then learn the Auricular Trauma Protocol (ATP), and the mechanisms of point finding and ear needling.  

After this, we discuss the body points which comprise the 'Calming and Centering' part of the treatment; the anatomy, how to locate these points, and how to properly needle them. 

Finally, we demonstrate the CRDP in its entirety on a live model.  We then summarize and discuss our goals for the course and protocol.  

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Materials Needed for Course

You will need to purchase the following items in order to complete this course:


DBC Detox-5 Acupuncture Needles / 13mm x 22mm (1 box)


Seirin L-Type Acupuncture Needles / 40mm x 25mm (1 box)

Silicone Ears For Practice (Two options offered below - choose the one you prefer).


Ear Probe Straight

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