"I work in an ER although I haven't been treating patients with acupuncture in the ER since March.  Just before closing our clinics due to COVID-19 in early March, I conducted group acupuncture treatments for our staff.  I used The Calming and Centering Treatment and/or ATP on everyone.  There were lots of comments about the feeling of relaxation and peace that lasted several days.  Most of our staff mentioned that their pain decreased as well.  The participants were interested in continuing acupuncture for pain and stress relief." 


M. Myslenski, M.D,

Emergency Medicine


I have been using this treatment for years in my practice.  One of my patients decribed its benefits beautifully when he said "This is amazing.  It feels like all of my issues are draining out of my ears!"  Well said!


W. M. Morganstein, D.D.S, M.P.H, M.Ac, L.Ac

"After working for many years as a bedside med-surge nurse, and later as a hospital psychiatric nurse, my lower back was permanently damaged and I suffered from chronic pain.  My mental and emotional state was fragile and I was depressed.   I was lucky to find there was a medical acupuncturist (M.D.) where I live, so I made an appointment.  After the first treatment, I left his office feeling better than I had in years!  My pain levels had decreased and I slept better than I had in a long time.  I had a sense of well-being and mental clarity that had been missing for years. 


At the next visit, my doctor explained that he had used a 6 needle auricular treatment along with a few needles in my hands and feet, that had been successfully used on soldiers suffering from PTSD.   Being a hospital psychiatric nurse, I was blown away!  I had never witnessed, much less experienced something this powerful - and the treatment took less than 30 minutes.  

I understand this online course has been developed with the hope that many healthcare providers will learn this 12 needle technique and provide this treatment to their colleagues to help them manage the stress and trauma many of them are and will continue to experience because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  I have reviewed this online training and found it to be well laid out, and easy to understand and follow.    

My heartfelt thanks for this life-changing treatment and the opportunity to help my co-workers through the stress of this unprecedented time." 


Kelly C.

Registered Nurse

"My neighbor is a 45 year old lieutenant firefighter.  Although we see each other socially, he has never asked me about having acupuncture prior to showing up in my back yard, although he knew I held a practice for the last decade. 


He described multiple job stresses that, heretofore, he had managed with aplomb.  Now, he described poor sleep, drinking more heavily (off duty), and constant worry about sending his rescue teams out to become potentially infected with COVID-19.  All of the city workers, including the fire department, had poor access to personal safety equipment and relied on local manufacturing firms to donate their masks.  He knew his men and women bravely carried on their roles despite this. 


I asked if any of his team members had become sick?  He answered, "yeah".  He visibly jumped as one of his kids splashed in the pool.  Although I didn't ask at the time, I surmised he suffered moral injury, survivor's guilt, and PTSI. 


"I can help you with all this", I offered.  He replied, "I don't want any meds.  I don't need to be more foggy than I am".   "Exactly", I said.  How about acupuncture?

I performed the CRDP at our house.  In about 15 minutes, he got up, smiled, thanked me, and left.  Later, my wife heard from his wife that he came home and slept well for the first time in weeks.  

I have found the CRDP helpful as a first acupuncture approach to de-stress, center, and offer the palpable feeling to a patient that a change IS possible.  It is effective, reliable, predictable, and I wholeheartedly recommend its use.  

This treatment protocol is technically straightforward and reproducible and can be offered to anyone in need of treatment."


D. Powell, M.D.

OB/GYN Surgeon

I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the COVID-19 Rapid De-Stress Protocol (CDRP)


The presence of the COVID-19 virus has had an enormous impact on American society. The deleterious medical effect of the disease has touched almost every family. Beyond the obvious medical toll, the social and societal impact has been far greater than that caused by any natural disaster, illness or crises our great nation has dealt with in generations. As families struggle with financial difficulties, as the healthcare system struggles to deal with an overwhelming volume of critically ill patients and a shortage of personal protective equipment, as the nation’s logisticians struggle to procure and deliver everyday needs like hand-sanitizer, toilet paper, fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, America’s cumulative stress is at an all-time high! 


Simple stress relieving outlets, like social encounters for lunch, going to the gym, or meetingSimple stress relieving outlets, like social encounters for lunch, going to the gym, or meeting with friends for a drink after work have been stifled. A stress relieving massage is a distant memory. Doctor’s appointments to talk about depression, anxiety or other issues are nearly impossible to schedule. These issues call for time-proven stress relievers like meditation, Yoga and acupuncture. The CDRP protocol, stimulating auricular acupuncture points proven to calm the hyper-stimulated regions of the central nervous system, effectively harmonizes mental Qi in the same manner that Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA) or the Auricular Trauma Protocol (ATP) has for injured Soldiers on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade. 


Of the many successes my Acupuncture patients and I have enjoyed over the past decade, treating anxiety is absolutely the most rewarding ailment to treat with acupuncture. Adding the auricular CDRP protocol to any traditional treatment amplifies the effect and success of anxiety treatment. Armed with this knowledge and ability to successfully relieve this burden from my patients, without the addition of potentially problematic medications, has had a demonstrablypositive effect for my patients and me

Stephen M. DeLellis, MPAS, PA-C 

I would like to share some of my experience and thoughts on the COVID-19 Rapid De-Stress Protocol (CRDP), and hopefully encourage more to join in our ranks.

Over the past decade, I have been graced with the knowledge and ability to treat thousands of patients, using the exact protocol now known as the CRDP. My patients have endured difficulties from years of sustained combat, the loss of friends, watching suicide bombers explode themselves as a group of orphans was let out to play, and the loss of family members. More recently I have had the opportunity to assist fellow healthcare workers under extreme stress as they work diligently to save the lives of critically ill patients, and critically ill COVID-19 patients.

The effects of the treatment are nearly universal. Patients, sometimes healthcare workers themselves, displaying signs of overwhelming stress, grief, fear, and the loneliness that accompanies a great weight that isolates them, are suddenly lighter in affect. This is typically not, in my experience, a one-time treatment but rather a series of treatments. Some of the patients, in fact most of them, ask when we can repeat the treatment, others may need the question of whether they are ready for another treatment again. Almost without fail, the patient says that they are ready. My patients will typically sleep much better, feel more at ease, and have even told me that they felt as though they had just slept eight hours after a 30 minute session.   

The fear of bringing COVID-19 home to loved ones, the reminder that we cannot save every patient on a continuous basis, and the knowledge that in many parts of the country and world this current pandemic has no foreseeable end is enough to amplify the numbers of caregivers with a post-traumatic stress injury who need our help.

I encourage you to give this course the small amount of effort to learn and practice, that you might know the joy of helping your fellow humans in need during this extraordinary time.

Kelly McKay (Rock)

U. S. Army Special Forces Medic (retired)

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